What is IQOS, a heated tobacco product?

IQOS, a heated tobacco product that is touted as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, was the subject of this study. Consumable tobacco plugs were exposed to headspace GC/MS testing to examine the impact of heating temperature on the emission profile. Increases in temperature resulted in a rise in the production of major components from 4.1 mg per unit to 6.2 mg at 200 °C, and 10.5 mg at 220 °C. Health Canada is a federal government agency. For the quantification of 33 volatile organic compounds identified in mainline and sidestream emissions, heets was exposed to a rigorous smoking regimen in an environmental laboratory. Aldehydes, nitrogenated species, and aromatic species were shown to be toxic and potentially harmful.


Most of the time, IQOS yields were anywhere from one to two orders of magnitude lower than the yields of combustion cigarettes. There was still a lot of room for improvement when it came to cigarette yields. In spite of the fact that heated tobacco products create less pollution in confined places than normal cigarettes, their consequences are not trivial and are not well understood.

Final words

Asthma risk index for IQOS and e-cigarette use, predicted indoor acrolein concentrations for 17 bars and their characteristic parameters, as well as a comparison between IQOS and e-cigarette use. As a further point, it is vital to note that each journal article's descriptor for a heated tobacco product will be utilised to characterise this review's discussion of that product. Tobacco heating systems (THS, THS 2.1, or THS 2.2) can be used to describe the heated heets stick product, while the heated glo product can be described as the Tobacco Heating Product (THP1.0), and the heated Heatbar product, which is no longer available commercially, can be described as the electrically heated cigarette smoking system (EHCSS).