How to stop smoking?

Uses cutting edge technology to warm the tobacco without actually lighting it. Consequently, you may enjoy the real flavour of tobacco without the smoke, ash, and odour. Health-conscious smokers who don't want to vape but yet enjoy the experience that is the most like smoking of any product now on the market should consider this product.

Heets, a kind of mini-tobacco stick, are heated using this innovative technology, but they aren't truly burned. The IQOS, on the other hand, simply warms the tobacco to 350 degrees and generates a smoke mist rather than conventional smoke, unlike a typical cigarette. The IQOS uses heets, which are small tobacco sticks.

IQOS also does not emit any ash or smoke, and it also has a much decreased scent compared to traditional cigarettes. Smoking in enclosed locations is legal since it does not contain any tobacco that has been lighted, making it exempt from public smoking bans (where permitted).

Because of this, quitting smoking and using IQOS is the better choice.

More than $3 billion and a decade of R&D in Switzerland by over 430 scientists and other experts have resulted in the development of IQOS, the world's first e-cigarette. This study led to the creation of IQOS. Over 2.9 million people throughout the globe have now made the switch from cigarettes to IQOS.

There's no cigarette smoke here.

Because the IQOS gadget warms the tobacco rather than burning it, it produces tobacco vapour rather than smoke. In comparison to cigarette smoke, the IQOS vapour dissipates significantly more quickly. It has not been demonstrated to impair indoor air quality or contribute to the spread of secondhand smoking in studies done in other nations.

Neither ash nor embers

IQOS does not produce ash since it does not burn tobacco as ordinary cigarettes do.

Decreased odour

In comparison to cigarettes, the scent of IQOS is significantly less strong on the user's hands, hair, and clothes. There are risks associated with using IQOS. The most effective way to reduce the risk of acquiring health issues as a result of tobacco usage is to stop smoking completely. If you have any more questions, please visit how to stop smoking Information Page.