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TEO Heating Device

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Choose TEO Starter Kit and start your jou-rney to a smoke-free life!

TEO is an innovative electronic cigare-tte,TEO has been designed to be ergon-omic and satisfying, with an enveloping aromatic yield.

The Soft touch button on the TEO, guar-anteeing simplicity and res-ponsiveness.

Product information

Available online and in retail locations soon!

Our “TEO” heating device delivers 4x the usage of other brands.

The proprietary heating device deploys a leading-edge heating process that provides an unparalleled consumer satisfaction, with minimal cleaning required.

Includes USB-C charging cable.

Supports Neafs Sticks and all brands of Tobacco-based Sticks.

TEO Heated Device
Choose TEO Starter Kit and start your jou-rney to a smoke-free life!
TEO Device
Easy to use and clean, enjoy a smoke free future!
NEAFS Sticks Tobacco free sticks, heated by your TEO device
TEO Device Where your NEAFS sticks are inserted before use
Find your favourite
Choose from a selection of nine variants ranging from smooth or full-bodied classic tobacco through to a choice of menthol blends.
NEAFS Original
Realistic classic Virginia tobacco taste, without the smell and without tobacco.
Exolore the NEAFS range
NEAFS Menthol
Featuring a bold and refreshing menthol taste, with a clean aftertaste that is sure to refresh your day!
Exolore the NEAFS range
NEAFS Blueberry
Featuring a very aromatic taste and smell that any fruit-lover will enjoy. Enjoy a comfortable and smooth experience of fresh fields, anywhere.
Exolore the NEAFS range
NEAFS Coffee
Featuring a pure dark roast coffee aroma, leaving you reminiscent of a rich flavour latte enjoyed on a nice sunny day.
Exolore the NEAFS range
NEAFS Mojito
Featuring the taste of fresh mint leaves, zingy lime, with high quality white rum!
Exolore the NEAFS range
NEAFS Strawberry
Featuring the tangy taste of pure freshly picked strawberries, without any overly-sugary artificial sweetness.
Exolore the NEAFS range