What are the benefits and risks of utilising heated tobacco products to help people quit smoking, and how have they contributed to a fall in smoking rates?

Even if people who use heated tobacco are less toxic than smokers, they are nonetheless more toxic than those who don't use tobacco at all. The fall in cigarette sales in Japan seems to have accelerated after the introduction of heated tobacco, although it is not clear whether this is due to people switching from e-cigarettes to heated tobacco. Read the iqos cigarette review below.

Heat-treated tobacco is defined as follows:

Heating tobacco to a temperature high enough to release its vapour without actually burning the tobacco or causing smoke is the primary goal of heated tobacco devices (HTD). E-cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes in the way they heat tobacco instead of using liquid nicotine. Compounds contained in tobacco smoke may be produced by burning the substance. Smokers may be able to reduce the amount of pollutants they inhale by heating rather than burning their tobacco. Some people claim they were able to stop smoking cigarettes entirely after making the move to heated tobacco.

Why did we take the actions we did? The Cochrane Review

Cigarette smoking is very addicting, making it tough for many people to give it up, even when they know it's unhealthy for them. Whether or whether switching to heated tobacco assists people in quitting smoking cigarettes and whether or not doing so has any harmful side effects was our major goal in doing this study. If the surge in heated tobacco use has had any effect on smoking rates or sales of cigarette, that was something we were curious about as well.

What happened?

Studies on the usefulness of heated tobacco in helping people stop smoking were sought, as were studies on the negative effects and toxicity exposure encountered by those who were taught in the use of heated tobacco. We found none of these studies, however. Randomized controlled trials in which patients received therapy in a totally random sequence were included in this review. For determining whether or not a treatment works, this kind of study is widely regarded as the most reliable way. Last but not least, we sought for studies that studied the impact of hot tobacco on smoking rates and cigarette sales. Consideration was given to studies published as recently as January 2021.