The incredible narrative of success that heated tobacco products have had all around the globe

Both consumers and manufacturers of cigarettes have, for a very long time, shown little interest in the search for methods that may mitigate the negative effects of tobacco use. However, this is gradually beginning to change, particularly in light of the scientific and technological progress that the world is witnessing right now, particularly in the medical field – among others – where talk about the dangers of smoking and diseases that can affect smokers and lead to death has become commonplace.

As a direct consequence of taking into account the risks associated with smoking, throughout the course of the last three decades, a variety of policies and procedures have been implemented, all of which are targeted at orienting towards the importance of giving up smoking.

During his participation in the international conference to discuss the concept of reducing the risk of smoking in Africa, the internationally famous Professor of Oncology, has declared that smoking has been the most significant cause of cancer globally for the last 30 years, from 1990 to 2019. This conference was held in order to discuss the concept of reducing the risk of smoking in Africa. This indicates that every strategy and policy that was devised and put into effect during that time period in an effort to minimise smoking was a total and utter failure. Therefore, according to Professor Khayat, we should work toward minimising the damage that is caused by smoking behaviour, and we should hope that less harmful alternative products will play a role in reducing the harm that is caused by the consumption of traditional tobacco products, particularly cancer that is caused by smoking.

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