Quit Smoking

Do you want to stop smoking but you can't seem to get the hang of vaping? Smoking cessation with IQOS has never been easier. What distinguishes this product distinct from ordinary cigarettes is that it heats the tobacco rather than burning it. As a result of heating the tobacco, it releases the true flavour of real tobacco, and around 95% less dangerous chemicals are released into the body. Consider our package savings if you decide that vaping isn't for you and want to quit smoking; this is a great option.

Kazakh IQOS Heets Classic Flavors

At Heets IQOS UAE, we strive to provide our clients as many choices as possible so that they may get the most out of their IQOS and HEETS experience. In addition to Heet Original and Parliaments cigarettes, which are noted for their sumptuous smells, there are a variety of other possibilities, including the new Dimensions flavours and the classic Heet Classic. Limited edition aromatic flavours are just two of the numerous options you'll discover at Homesick smoke store. Come see which one is right for you today!

In reality, how do IQOS devices truly work?

Unlike vape, e-cigarettes, or e-liquids, the technology is separate. In order to heat the tobacco within Heets sticks, unique technology is used inside the apparatus itself. As the cigarette burns, the tobacco releases nicotine into the air; this is what happens when you inhale the smoke. As a side effect, you'll be inhaling toxic smoke. Others who are in close proximity to you and your lungs might be adversely affected, as could those who breathe in the smoke.

An IQOS gadget may attain a maximum temperature of 350 degrees centigrade. A normal cigarette burns at an average temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. With IQOS Heets, you can protect your lungs from the harmful effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products. It's impossible to grow bored with the range of flavours offered.